Obtaining loans without paychecks is not impossible, even it has some interesting solutions without paychecks.

Obtaining loans without paychecks is not impossible, even Poste Italiane has some interesting solutions without paychecks.

Are you looking for loans without a paycheck and are you thinking of the Italian Post Office? Then you must know that this institution offers its customers, both if they already have a current account or if they do not have it, different financing solutions, which are however granted for the most of the time to those who have a paycheck or otherwise a job.

Good Finance loan

Bancoposta loan

The first, the Good Finance loan, is a loan granted only to those who open a current account with Post Services, it is possible to have up to 30,000 USD and you can repay from 12 to 84 months by direct debit of the monthly installment on your postal account. Those who are without a paycheck can apply for it. Absolutely yes, if ” without paycheck ” means a loan for self-employed persons, who in any case have an income, which must be demonstrated by presenting the single model, a little more difficult if instead with the phrase ” without paycheck ” we mean loans for unemployed.

In this case you could have an advantage from the fact that you already have a current account with the Italian Post Office and therefore be already known customers. If it is a temporary difficulty (maybe you have just lost your job) and you can provide other guarantees, you could still get the loan without Post Services paycheck.

Very ready Good Finance

The second type of loan, or  Good Finance, is also granted to those who are not current account holders and allows to have from 1,750 USD up to 10,000 USD repayable within a maximum of 72 months by paying postal bills. In this case, it may be difficult to obtain financing if you do not have a job, but much could depend on any extra guarantees that you could provide.

Surely the best thing, to be sure, is to go to the post office closest to your home and ask for more information. Alternatively, you could also check out loans without Astro Finance paychecks and loans without Cream Bank paychecks.

Loan Guide

Loan Guide

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