It is not uncommon for a social security and welfare institution to offer loans and loans to its members on particularly favorable terms. This is the case of social security, the pension institution par excellence, but also that of Government (National Social Security and Assistance Body), which has entered into agreements with various credit institutions in order to grant loans and mortgages only for their members.

Should I apply for loans from Government? What are the advantages of contacting your social security institution rather than another bank or financial company?

Government loans, the characteristics

To better understand the various loans proposed by this institution, it is necessary to go into detail of the individual solutions:

  • personal loans, which can be used for private purposes;
  • loans for professional needs, such as the purchase of machinery essential for carrying out the medical activity, for the adaptation of the premises or for the renovation, maximum 200,000 USD;
  • loans for patients, designed for dental offices
  • convention mortgages

Loans in agreement for dental practices

All dental offices of doctors who are enrolled in Government can enter into an agreement with Best Bank Easy and offer patients the payment of dental expenses in installments.

The financing is very advantageous because it allows you to cover up to 100% of the amount of dental care expenses, up to a maximum of 20,000 USD and for a maximum duration of 60 months.

The repayment can be made through SEPA, or with the domiciliation of the monthly installments on the current account.

Convention mortgages

Through the agreement with Best Bank it is also possible to obtain mortgages at a very affordable rate, both to buy and to renovate the house, as well as to substitute other mortgage solutions already in place. Maximum amount 80% of the property value and maximum duration 30 years.

A fundamental characteristic of mortgages is that, in order to access them, it is necessary to take part in the notice that is issued by the institution itself periodically.

The 2017 call expired on 5 May.

Credit institutions and affiliated banks

  • Best Bank, all Government members and employees can access loans and mortgages granted on very advantageous terms;
  • Cream Bank group, also reserved in this case for both Members and Government employees and pensioners. The Lite Lender proposals are characterized by being addressed also to the professional office as well as to the doctor in his private sphere. There are also several leasing solutions;
  • Fasti Bank, in addition to loans and mortgages of up to $ 250,000, Good Finance also allows you to open current accounts at subsidized costs ($ 10 each quarter);
  • Lite Lender proposes offers for Government employees and pensioners, or loans granted in the form of assignment of one fifth of the salary and pension;
  • Capital Lender, it is a personal loan or with assignment V reserved for both members and Government employees and pensioners. It is a fast loan in 24/48 hours;
  • Good Lender, offers loans reserved for Government employees and pensioners, granted with the transfer of the fifth, to be repaid at a fixed rate and within a maximum of 120 months;
  • Astro Finance, an agent authorized by Astro Finance that addresses both members and Government employees.


In order to apply, you must be registered with the Order and be in good standing with the payments, or in any case be an Government employee or pensioner.

How to apply

The application can be submitted directly to the local Government office closest to your home.

Government Loans 2017: convenient? Reviews and ratings

In conclusion, we try to understand if it is better to apply for funding to the Government institution or if, on the other hand, it is better to contact other banks or financial companies. Let’s say that the main convenience lies in the low and advantageous interest rates, so in itself applying for a loan or a loan to Government is a very convenient thing and, if possible, always recommended.

Obviously, our advice is always to compare the various loan and financing solutions and never take for granted that one proposal is cheaper than the other: let’s say that some research is always recommended, especially when it comes to loans online.