Loans without preliminary fees: which are the banks and credit institutions that offer them?

Better Bank, zero expense loans

Better Bank, zero expense loans

Better Bank, one of the leading financial agencies in Europe in the granting of online and telephone financing, grants small loans of up to $ 5,000 for all those who need money, even within a few days.

Loans without Better Bank investigation fees are not finalized, which means that you will not have to give any reason why you need that money. From the moment of the request (which can be made directly online), within a short time you will receive a feasibility response and, if it is positive, you will have the requested sum credited to your checking account within a few days.

The TAN of the loan is 9.98%, the APR varies from a minimum of 10.77% (for 72-month loans) to a maximum of 11.57% (for 12-month loans).


Astro Finance, online personal loans

Findomestic, online personal loans

Astro Finance offers loan solutions without preliminary fees at absolutely convenient and advantageous conditions.

For amounts up to $ 13,000, the interest rates applied are a fixed 6.65% TAN and a fixed 6.85% APR. Thanks to the digital signature it is possible to do everything online, quickly and smoothly. In a short time from the acceptance of the application Astro Finance will credit the amount due to your checking account.

Among the advantages of Astro Finance loans we see that all ancillary costs are zero: stamp duty, preliminary costs, collection and management costs, periodic communication costs. These benefits are also valid for loans without Astro Finance paychecks.

In addition, as usual in any loan proposed by this financial company, there is the advantage of being able to change the installment every month at no additional cost.

Fame Money Bank by Good Lender Group

Hello Bank by BNL, BNP Paribas Group

Fame Money Bank by BNL is a 100% online loan with digital signature and no additional costs. Quick to obtain, it is a loan provided by Astro Finance.

An example of funding that is reported directly on the official website is this:

  • monthly payment: $ 116.90
  • amount: $ 7,000
  • duration: 72 months
  • Fixed TAN: 6.26
  • Fixed APR: 6.45%

Among the advantages of this loan without preliminary fees there is also the fact that it is possible to change the installment as many times as you want, even every month.

For a maximum of 3 times in the life of the loan, however, it is possible to delay an installment and repay it at the end of the loan.

In addition to all this, it is possible to repay the loans early without having to pay any penalty.

Good Crediter, the Credit for you

Good Crediter, the Credit for you

Good Crediter, offers a loan without any preliminary fees for amounts ranging from $ 1,500 to $ 20,000.

The duration of the loan ranges from 12 to 84 months, the interest rates are as follows:

  • Fixed TAN of 6.95%
  • APR variable from 7.36% (loan of 20,000 USD for a duration of 84 months, monthly installment $ 301.36) to 11.40% (loan of 1,500 USD for a duration of 12 months, monthly installment $ 129.76)

Good Crediter has also established the possibility for the applicant to modify the amount of the installment or to skip the payment up to 3 times during the duration of the loan.

FastaCash Bank

FastaCash Bank

The FastaCash loan allows you to have up to 30,000 USD to be repaid within a maximum period of 7 years.

It is a non-finalized loan, therefore there is no need to provide any reason as to why the loan request, usually no additional guarantee is required, there are zero collection fees and zero preliminary costs.

The conditions of this loan with no preliminary costs include a fixed TAN of 7.95% and a maximum APR of 8.60%.

The repayment duration varies according to these indications:

  • from 12 to 48 months for amounts from $ 2,000 to $ 4,000
  • from 12 to 72 months for amounts from $ 5,000 to $ 10,000
  • from 12 to 84 months for amounts from $ 11,000 to $ 30,000

Better Bank, loan for home renovation

Better Bank, loan for home renovation

One of the finalized loans in which no preliminary costs are foreseen is that intended for home renovation by Better Bank. For amounts ranging from 3,000 to 75,000 USD, it is possible to repay the loan in a duration ranging from 19 to 120 months.

From the point of view of conditions, this is one of the most convenient loans among those listed on this page: fixed TAN of 4.89%, fixed APR of 5%.  Zero preliminary fees and zero installment fees.

Every 24 installments paid on a regular basis, Better Bank makes available to its customers the possibility to postpone the installments at the end of the loan.

True Bank, the barrier-free loan

BPER, the barrier-free loan

True Bank offers the Loan Without Barriers, dedicated to people who unfortunately have disabilities and are looking for the installation of a stairlift to be able to overcome the problem of movement in the home, or need special care to overcome the difficulties.

The maximum amount covers all the costs foreseen by the work to be carried out or the care to be received, up to a maximum of $ 25,000. All expenses must be documented and can be VAT included.

The repayment term reaches up to 10 years and the interest rate is variable, but in any case it is a loan without preliminary costs.

Directly on the official website we saw an example of installment calculation:

  • monthly payment: $ 150.20
  • amount requested: $ 10,000
  • duration: 72 months
  • 2.60% TAN (3-month Euribor rounded to 0.10 higher, to which a spread of 250 points, i.e. 2.5%, must be added)
  • APR 3.01%
  • Total amount due: 10,913.70

Lite Lender Bank, zero investigation costs on online loans

Santander Bank, zero investigation costs on online loans

In the event that you decide to apply for a loan online with Lite Lender Banca, the investigation costs are zero.

The conditions reported on the official website indicate a fixed TAN of 6.90% and an APR ranging from a minimum of 7.24% ($ 10,000 for a duration of 72 months) to a maximum of 9.54% ($ 1,500 for lasting 12 months).

To these loans without preliminary costs, we must also add the cost of the state stamp equal to 16 USD, the production and sending of the letter confirming the contract equal to 1 USD, sending periodic communications equal to 3 USD each.

Loan without preliminary costs and without installment collection costs.

Loans without preliminary fees: the advantages

Loans without preliminary fees: the advantages

The main advantage of loans without preliminary costs is obviously in the fact that the costs associated with financing decrease, which allows for a lowering of the TAN (Nominal Annual Rate) and of the APR (Annual Global Interest Rate) compared to which, on the other hand, must incur this type of expense.

Finding a loan without preliminary fees may not be easy, in this page we have listed the best banks and financial companies that offer it instead.